16 June 2016

Tackling The Week Ahead

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I don't know about you guys this week has just seemed to drag on & on & on. We've had some crazy events happen this week & I feel like that it has just taken a toll on everyone, world wide. There are something in life the we just can't prepare ourselves for but in saying that I think we need to carry on with life that best we possibly can whatever the current circumstances might be & I think that's really important to remember. Just do the best you possibly can & that's all anyone can ever ask of you. Talking about carrying on with life the best we possibly can is where this post comes in. I'm going to share with you what I would typically do on a Sunday as I plan for my week & some little tips too.

I will sit down in front of my computer & plan out everything I can possibly can. From the blogposts that are going up, school work that needs to be done, I'll work out & remind myself of any appointments I have & of birthdays coming up. Basically what I'm doing is getting a good over view for the week. From there I'm able to create my to do lists. I start off with just a weekly to do list & everything that I want to get done that week. At first this might be a little intimidating to look at so you might find it easy to had to your weekly to do as you go. I personally use the reminders app on my phone & a have a list for each day of the week so no matter where I am or what I'm doing I can add to lists or refer back to them if need be. You'll also find physical written copies of little to do lists on my desk reminding me to go little bits & pieces. I think you could definitely say I write way to many lists!

I can not stress to you all enough how easy meal planning makes things. I'll sit down with a cup of tea & a few of my favourite cookbooks & decide what I'll cook that week. From there I'm able to make up a list of any bits & pieces that need picking up when I go for the weekly food shop. A couple of tips would be that don't stress yourself when it comes to this, if you don't want to make that particular dish for dinner that night, that's ok, swap it out for something else on your meal plan. Definitely don't restricted by your meal plan. I do this all the time purely because it's a time saver for the next day but I would typically make a little bit extra so that I have leftovers & I'm just able to heat them up ready for lunch the following day. The reason I do this is because like I said it saves me time & hassle of worrying about making myself something for lunch. It's quick & easy & ready to go when needed.

When I say this all I mean is to make sure you're setting realistic goals for the day. Long lists can be overwhelming so why not just add the three top things to need to do to a list & that what you've managed to prioritise as well! I personally won't add over six things to my list & if I do, on those days I allow myself to realise that it's not realistic to get them all done but I know I can always had them to tomorrows list. 

Breaks are important. They give you time away & time to refuel. I generally will have a couple of breaks during the day & I don't set specific times just because they change often but definitely be taking breaks. Don't ignore what your body is trying to tell you.

You'll generally find my space & home pretty clear & tidy. I find that I work better in a clear & tidy space. At the beginning of my week I make sure I set an hour aside to just to have a decent tidy up of the house & my space & that way during the week I can just do little bits & pieces like the dishes & the washing. It definitely helps save time during the day & means that I'm less likely to procrastinate during the week days.

B x

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