5 June 2016

5 To Follow On Instagram

Instagram has grown a lot over the past 5 years since its initial release & a lot since I first started using it. From the very humble beginnings as a simple photo sharing app which was exclusively just for iPhones to being available on android, to being the next big thing. I've watch Instagram change & grow over the years including being able to watch the number of active users grow with Instagram sitting within the top 10 social medias with over 400 million active users. It can be hard to filter through what you do & don't like & find all those gem accounts. These are only five of my favourite accounts, my favourites a frequently changing & I'm sure as I explore more of Instagram, meet new people, come across new creators, I'm going to come across some amazing new accounts too.

If you're looking for the perfect white & aesthetically pleasing account then Meghan's account if for you. I've been a following Meghan for awhile now not just on Instagram but also her other platforms & from seeing her posts & I know it's been mentioned in a few videos but Meghan does put a lot of time & effort into her pictures but also the editing behind them too. I often find myself on Meghan's page just scrolling through her pictures & gathering inspiration. 

If you're into makeup & beauty as much as I am I think you'll really like Shannon's Instagram. Shannon's Instagram is gorgeous & it features a little bit of everything. If you follow Shannon on YouTube you'll already know how crazy talented she is but honestly her talent is just amazing! Shan was one of the very first people I subscribed to on YouTube & that was a good four or five years ago now & it's been amazing to see her grow, not only on YouTube but as a person as well. 

For all the Shannon admirers out there, yes, Shan does have a second account & it's a bit more personal than what her main account it. There is no particular theme to it, it's where she just posts random pictures that she wants to share with us all! If you love Shan as much as I do, then I think you should go over & give her second account a wee follow.

Desi is also another one of my favourite people to follow. Again, if you're interested in seeing amazing makeup & outfit looks, that kind of thing I highly recommend following Desi. Desi is super flawless & is so super talented. I haven't been following Desi for a great amount of time I just absolutely adore her! 

A lovely lady called Rachel Beedell has this account & you all probably know by now how much I love my blacks, whites & greys, her account it just so me. Again, it's another account that I find really aesthetically pleasing to flick through & grab inspiration off. 

Like I said earlier, I have an incredible amount of Instagram favourites & they are constantly changing as I explore, get recommendations, meet new people & new creators but if you have any recommendations yourself, make sure you leave them in the comments below! 

B x

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