11 June 2017

It's Nearly Time To Say Goodbye

In five weeks their house goes under settlement, which means we will no longer have the ability to visit 'home'. I put home in quotation marks because to all of us it was a second home. It was where we could laugh and cry without judgement, a place where we all shared so many fond memories, a place where we were loved unconditionally. 

If you're new to following my content you might not know, who or what I mean by 'their home'. In January of this year we lost my Nan, very unexpectedly. Four weeks later, we lost my Pop, again unexpectedly.  As a family we all felt that it was only right to sell the house and allow another loving and caring family to create as many amazing memories as we have done over the years. Not only did they build their home together, it was the only one they ever lived in. It was the home my Aunty and Mum grew up in as children, it was the house us Grandchildren learnt to love as our own home. 

My Nan and Pop were incredible gardeners and they took great pride in how it was presented. Their garden was immaculate, regardless the time of year. I will always remember their incredible fruit trees, they had at least six and they all produced some of the best fruits. I will always remember the sweet smell of their roses, and the beautiful blossom tree, that always comes into full bloom around my cousins birthday on the 17 September. There's a lot I'll remember about their home, but I think the one thing I'll remember most is the compassion and love they both had for everything they did and for those they had in their lives. 

I write this post with tears streaming down my face and my hands shaking like crazy. I don't think I'm ever going to be ready to say goodbye to a home which holds so many memories and so much compassion and love but I have to remember the most important memories are held in my heart and in my mind. 

Take want you want from this post, I'm not sure it offers much but it's been good to put how I'm feeling into words but more than that, life has hiccups. I don't just want to share the good shit, I want to share the bad shit to because in reality the bad shit happens to everybody. I also wanted to share the pictures above, with this post because I think really just show how much, not just my Grandparents, but all of us as a family loved and will continue to love the 'home' we grew up in. 

B x 

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