20 June 2017

It's Okay To Feel They Way You're Feeling

I'm not going to lie, this past week has been a tough one, physically and mentally. I've been consciously reminding myself that it is okay to feel the way that I'm feeling. I shouldn't feel guilty or disappointed in myself that I didn't get certain tasks complete. Reminding myself that there is only so much I can control and that there are certain things that I don't have any control over, especially when it comes to my physical illnesses, is important because not only does it lets me make the decisions that are best for my body, but it also diminishes any kind of unnecessary guilt towards tasks that didn't get completed due to increased pain levels, for example. 

I guess what I'm trying to say that your feelings are valid. You have every right to be feeling what you're feeling and I think it's important to remind ourselves of that regularly. I want you all to know that the following list is just a short list of valid feelings, thoughts and actions. I believe that all feelings are valid and it's just about learning how accept them for what they are.

It's Okay . .
To hate your job. 
To spend all day in your pyjamas. 
To not wash your hair when it's greasy.
To not want to drink. 
To have a bad day. 
To regret your choice of degree. 
To not have millions of online follows.
To not feel motivated all the time. 
To not look 'perfect'. 
To sometimes get jealous.

B x

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