25 June 2017

Reading Material: June 2017

When it comes to the material I've been reading over the past month, there is quite a variety. There have been two books and two magazines that I've thrown myself into this month and I've really enjoyed all three, while learning something different for each. 

Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant is the latest book I've gotten into this month. I'm probably just over half way through it and I would already recommend it to everyone. 

"After the sudden death of her husband, Sheryl Sandberg felt certain that she and her children would never feel pure joy again. Her friend Adam Grant, a psychologist, told her that there are concrete steps people can take to recover and rebound from life shattering experiences. We are not born with a fixed amount of resilience. It is a muscle that everyone can build."

"Option B combines Sheryl's personal insights with Adam's eye-opening research, exploring how a broad range of people have overcome illness, job loss, sexual assault, natural disasters and the violence of war. Their stories reveal the capacity of the human spirits to persevere and to rediscover joy. The book also shows how to help others in crisis, develop compassion for ourselves, raise strong children and create resilient families, communities and workplaces. Many of these lessons can be applied to everyday struggles, allowing us to brave whatever lies ahead. We all live some form of Option B. This book will help us make the most out of it." 

Keep an eye out for other content based around Option B and the topics raised in the book. But until then just know that this book is incredible and I think it's something that should be read by everyone. 

Such a beautiful book, written by an wonderful human being. This Modern Love is a selection of letters based around love and the different stages of love, from over 98 different countries, with the main demographic being 16-24, the youngest contributor being 12 and the oldest contributor being 81. I'll link the post where I give my feel review and opinion on This Modern Love, here. 

I know I've spoken about Frankie Magazine before but issue 78 is now out for the months of July/August and I'm really enjoying it! I really believe that each issue get's better every time. I definitely recommend picking up Frankie Magazine if you're looking for something to read while having a hot cup of tea and admiring the fact that's it's pouring with rain outside. 

Another magazine, that is very similar to Frankie Magazine has find it's way into my life recently. I'm not a hundred percent sure if I've spoken about Flow Magazine before in my content but it's a beautiful magazine printed in Poland. Flow is all about celebrating creativity, imperfections and life's little pleasures. The articles in issue 17 are so inspiring and motiving, which was exactly what I needed, especially on the days when it's cold, miserable and I didn't want to pull myself from my bed. 

B x

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