29 June 2017

June 2017: Roundup, Highlights + Favourites

It's time to sit down and talk about the month of June. June has been a crazy, but none the less, it's been enjoyable. I spent a four days in Christchurch for my sister's 16th, which was amazing. I had an unexpected week off due to some health issues that required my full attention, I had a hospital appointment which turned out to be extremely positive and I'm about to take my second weekend trip to Blenheim. Amongst all that I've been working my tiny little butt off on assessments and a tone of school work, content for my blog and a few little projects. Looking back on the month, I can confidently say that it's been a good one. Let's jump into this months favourites, there's a few. 

Australis banana powder is an old favourite I decided to dig out this month. I enjoy it as much as I did before and I really enjoy using the product under my eyes to keep concealer in place.

Holy crap, this has to be my new favourite lip colour. Paired with a nude liner, it's gorgeous. It's a little bit streaky on it's own but a nude liner fixes that along with helping create a longer lasting finish. 

I finally managed to get my hands a couple of the Victoria Secret Fragrance Mists and my favourite scent at the moment is Aqua Kiss. I love that the packaging is plastic, meaning that it's easy to travel with. Would highly recommend picking up one if you're into there scents. 

Ever since the colder months have been upon us my hands have come extremely dry. I've had great results from Palmers products before so I had high hopes for this hand cream. I wasn't disappointed, it's a beautiful formula that leaves skin feeling super soft and fresh. I'd definitely repurchase this product, until it starts to warm up at least. 

Again, due to the colder months my lips have suffered. They were dry, cracked and sore. I'd never tried Carmex before so it was a bit of a gamble but it worked. I've previously had to go to my GP because of how bad my lips cracked so I'm so pleased that I found something I can get at my local department store. 

This product is a beautiful and I love the results it gives. It's a treatment statin oil with yangu, papaya seed oil and maracuja oil. It leaves my hair looking and feeling healthy, smooth and shiny. With naturally curly and frizzy hair, this is the perfect product. 

I mention the most recent Frankie Magazine, issue 78, in this months Reading Material post, which I'll leave linked here, if you want to check it out. I've been really enjoying the articles printed in issue 78. They make for a great afternoon reads. 

I've just finished Option B and I'm recommending it to everybody. Again, I mentioned this in Reading Material post, where I went into more detail about the book. It was definitely life changing and it gave me a new perspective on things, especially since I'm experiencing huge certain amounts of grief in my life at the moment. 

13 Reasons Why 
I chose to watch 13 Reasons Why because I wanted to add my opinion into the mix. I was very late to the game with 13 Reasons Why and heard a lot of mixed opinions. At the end of the day I enjoyed 13 Reasons Why, I liked the overall message that it gave and the fact that it opened thousands of conversations about suicide and mental health. There are some things that I didn't like throughout the episodes but I think overall it's something people need to see. I think we need to focus on the positives that can come out of this TV Series opposed to the negatives. 

Another series I watched this month was Broadchurch. I had heard so many people rave about it but hadn't gotten around to watching it myself. Turns out I should've watch it a lot sooner. It was amazing! I'm not going to say anything, but you definitely have to check it out! 

B x 

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