18 June 2017

This Modern Love, Will Darbyshire

"Will Darbyshire is a 23-year-old British film-maker. He has over one million followers across his YouTube, Instagram and Twitter channels. His videos span a range of subjects including relationship advice, mental health issues, career plans, popular culture and travel. This is his first book." 

I first came across Will through following his partner, Arden Rose, on her social media platforms. Naturally, as a fan of Arden and her work, I decided to look into Will's content and various platforms. I fell in love with Will's content, what he was about and the various things he represented and talked about on his channel. 

This Modern Love is a selection of letters based around love and the different stages of love, from over 98 different countries, with the main demographic being 16-24, the youngest contributor being 12 and the oldest contributor being 81. This Modern Love, is something I would've picked up naturally, whether I knew the author or not, but I love the aspect Will brings to the book. Will writes a short introduction to each section of the book, beginning, middle and end and also has scattered photographs of his own throughout the book, in hopes that they reflect some of the themes and images in the letters. 

This book is a beautiful representation of the different stages of love and it shows that not all stages of love are how we perceive them to be. 

If you're looking for something new and insightful to read, I definitely recommend picking up This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire. 

B x

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