6 June 2017

The Travel Essentials That Make Me Feel Normal

Since I’ve been traveling every month this year and will be right up until the month of August, I thought I would share some of essentials that help make me feel normal when I travel. 

Find Something To Listen To
I like to have something to list to when traveling. I'm always listening to something in my day to day life, even if it's just on as background noise. What I listen to changes all the time, sometimes it's my favourite podcast, other times it's just music but regardless of what it is I'm listening to, it'll normally make me feel right at home. 

Comfy Clothes
I have had the occasional moment where I have forgotten to bring my pyjamas with me while away and it was such a big mistake. I always have comfy clothes with me. A big baggy jumper and some comfy sweats. I'm definitely the kind of person, who as soon as I get home, I get into my comfy clothes. Nothing beats a jumper that it way to big for you and comfy bottoms, especially when you're away from home.  

Snacks and Water
I alway have a few snacks and a water bottle thrown into my bag. when traveling it's quite nice to have some of your favourite snacks on hand. 

 Work Supplies
Regardless of whether I'm going away with family or friends, or something study based, I will always take with me my MacBook and my Bullet Journal. Even if I'm not working, there tends to still be times where I'm coming up with new ideas and if I don't have a place to note them down, them I'm bound to forget them. 

B x

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