3 August 2017

Mid Week Refresh and Restart

Pamper days are some of my favourite days and these usually happen on the weekends for me, just because that's when I have a little more free time. However, sometimes I get to the middle of a week and I just feel completely overwhelmed, unproductive, unmotivated and exhausted. To me this is a clear sign that I need to take a day for myself, and below I'm going to mention the eight things I do for myself in a mid-week refresh and restart pamper. 

Hair Wash
Some of you may know that the length of my hair is slightly ridiculous. Washing it is a massive task on its own, let alone having to brush and then wait for it to dry natural. On a pamper day, I have more time to pay attention to my hair and plus fresh, newly washed hair makes me feel amazing although the process it slight crazy. On days that aren't specifically designated for pamper routines, I wash my hair at night when I have a little more free time. 

Scrub & Shave
I feel like this is an obvious one but maybe it's not? Exfoliating my skin with my favourite body scrub and then shaving, makes my skin feel more awake and fresh. 

This next step goes hand in hand with the one above. After exfoliating and shaving the best thing you can do is moisturise your body. My current favourite body moisturiser at the moment has to be, The Body Shop Body Butters. They have a variety of beautiful scents and the one I'm using at the moment is in the Papaya scent and it is probably up there with one of my favourite scents from the Body Shop. 

Deep Cleanse
This could be too much information, but my skin does incredibly gunky so with exfoliating it regularly, I often like to  do a deep cleanse. Again, this step leaves me feeling fresh, awake and rejuvenated. It's also just really nice to know that I'm doing something great for my skin. 

Face Mask
One of my favourite things is a good ole face mask. Depending on how my skin is feeling on the day, will depend on the kind of face mask I reach for. Generally it'll either be something purifying or moisturising. I'll link my 'In-Depth Skincare Routine' here if you're interested in more information about the types of face masks I'm enjoying at the moment. 

Makeup Brush Cleanse
Another thing that I don't particularly enjoy doing and can take up a lot of time but has to be done, is cleaning my makeup brushes. I'll normally put on my favourite film or TV show, and deep clean my makeup brushes. Using a freshly clean makeup brush on your skin has to be the best feeling so a part of me wishes I clean my brushes more often but another part of me just doesn't like the amount of time it takes! Pamper days are perfect for brush cleaning, because I have a little extra time on my hands. 

Candles are my favourite way to set the mood in a room, especially in the Winter. They add a warm, calming feeling which is exactly what a like on a pamper day. Plus, you can get some really beautiful candle scents which can make your home just smell  bloody delicious. 

Early Night
For me, an early night is a given on a pamper day. It's important for me to get at least eight hours of sleep to even be the slightest bit productive the following day. I think we all underestimate the power of sleep, how amazing it can make us feel and how productive it can make us. 

B x 

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