24 August 2017

Obvious Signs You're Working Too Much

It's not just me right? I'll admit that I'm the worse people for working too much and I know I'm not the only one. It takes to be able to recognise and acknowledges the signs you're working before you can even think about changing your work life balance. This is something I'm actively in the process of trying to change and I encourage you all to as well. 

You're Laptop Will Feel Like A Limb
I even take my laptop with me to breakfast. So when I'm sitting down to have my breakfast in the morning, I'm usually checking emails. You'd think I can't focus on a single thing at once. 

You'll Make Excuses Not To Hangout Because You Still Have Things To Do
I'm definitely guilty of doing this so don't be ashamed if you do this either. 

Your Brain Has Stopped Working. All Ideas Have Ceased
Mind fog has arrived and you're basically a robot? I've been there and done that for sure. 

Your Dreams Are Filled With Work
Because of course, there is nothing better than being at work. Except when you're starting to dream about it.

You Spend Your Free Time Scheduling Work
You have to be on top of your game 24/7 right? Even on your days off. 

You Wake Up On Your Day Off In Cold Sweats Thinking You Missed Your Alarm
It's actually Saturday but you don't remember until you're half-way through putting your trousers on. 

At some point I think we're all guilty of spending too much time working opposed to spending time with ourselves as well as friends and families. It's really important to spend quality time with those we love just as much as it is important to spend time with ourselves and looking after ourselves. 

B x

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