27 August 2017

Reading Material: August 2017

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August has been a very interesting month and very busy but none the less, I still managed to finish probably one of the most inspiring books I've read this year and what makes it that little more special is that it's written by 19 New Zealander. 

What Cancer Taught Me, Jake Bailey 
"Jake Bailey's inspirational end-of-year speech as head boy at Christchurch Boys' High School was delivered from a wheelchair just one week after he was diagnosed with the most aggressive of cancers. As he lay in hospital fight to stay alive, his speech grabbed headlines around the world. Jake's cancer, and that speech, became the start of a bigger journey that continues today. In this remarkably honest account of his illness, treatment and recovery, Jake shares all that the experience has taught him. His book is an uplifting call to action for people of all ages." 

This book is just an amazingly written book, easy to read yet it's so heartbreaking. It's an incredible account for what Jake has been through, let alone at such a young age. I think a lot of people could learn a thing or two from this book. 

Next Magazine, June 2017
I'm a bit late with this one, but this is what I took with my while traveling earlier this month. It had some really amazing articles in it and I really enjoyed reading it. 

I'm thinking my next read with be, 'Twelve Years a Slave' by Solomon Northup but Im fully aware how heavy this read will be so maybe it's not something I'll reach for at the moment, I'll keep you updated! 

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