13 August 2017

Therapy & What It Taught Me

I never thought I would be sitting down to write this post. Therapy wasn't a decision I made lightly, in  fact it terrified me. I never use to be one to talk about my feelings, so the idea of talking to a stranger about my struggles wasn't something I was looking forward to, but they told me it would help.

I've had my fair share of therapists and for the most part we just didn't connect. I was offered the opportunity through the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board to talk with a therapist who works within the Mental Health and Addiction Community in Nelson. It was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. For a full year I was able to meet with my therapist at least once every month but if I was struggling then sometimes twice a month.

A year of intense therapy, tears and laughter, taught me that regardless of how I'm feeling, my feelings are valid. It taught me that while I care about my friends and family, I need to put myself first. It taught me how to separate my personal life from my working life. It made me aware of what my needs were and helped me develop a daily routine that worked best for me. But most of all, it helped me grow as an individual and I can't thank my therapist enough for helping guide me along the way.

There is no shame in talking to someone and seeking help from others. When seeking help from professionals, it can be disheartening when you can't find someone you connect with but I promise you, you will and when you do you won't look back. I encourage everyone to talk about how they're feeling, whether that's to someone professional or not. It may not seem like it now, but it's so worth it.

Now that I've finished therapy, for now anyway, I'm taking what I've learnt and applying to life along with taking the right steps to ensure that my mind set stays as positive as possible. With that being said, we all have bad days and we just have to embrace them.

B x

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