20 August 2017

3 Things I Never Wanted To Love, Now I'm Obsessed

I'm a pretty sceptical person and when it comes to making decisions I put a lot of thought into it and really make sure its something I want. I'll think about all the pros and cons, and think about how what ever the product may be, will benefit me and my life. It's not always a negative thing, I just don't tend to feed into all the hype and tend to always ask a million questions. And there are definitely some things that I'm not so quick to believe in but here we are with three things I was very sceptical to start with, and now I'm obsessed. 

I don't think I need to say much about this game other than the fact that I first heard of this app a good few years ago, so before it became the hype and everyone started doing sponsorships with the company. Looking back now, I'm not really sure why I was so sceptical about Bestfiends, maybe because it looked so similar to Candy Crush and the hype over that game was ridiculous. For whatever reason, I downloaded the game and I soon released that the concept and objective behind the game was completely different to Candy Crush. It's probably one of my favourite games that I have on my phone and it's definitely the one I've kept going back to without getting bored of it. 

Fitness and Sleep Trackers
I use to be the proud owner of a FitBit, in fact I've had three in the past but that's a story in itself. Before I got one of my own I didn't really understand the hype about tracking your steps, your sleep, how many calories you've burned or whatever. I use to just go workout and that would be that, and it was the same with my sleep. I knew that I was roughly sleeping 8 hours and that was good enough for me. But then someone gifted me my first FitBit and I very quickly became obsessed. The only difference is that now I track both my fitness and sleep on my Apple Watch rather than a FitBit. Tracking my fitness and sleep has been great for me to keep a more in-depth knowledge and awareness of body. 

Bullet Journaling 
You all know how much I love organisation, routines and just being hands on creative. I was very sceptical about bullet journaling to start with because it didn't make sense to me why you'd spend more time planning and organising than you would actually doing the things on your to do list. But with that being said, bullet journaling is my chosen method of organisation along with a few apps on my phone as well. The one person who converted me to bullet journaling was Kara Benz, I'll link her blog, here, where you'll find all her social media links including YouTube and her Etsy shop. 

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