8 August 2017

What I Pack For Carry On Luggage

I'm so thrilled to be taking a week off to head down to Christchurch to spend time with my family and a few close friends. I haven't spend a lot of quality time with them this year and although I've seen them and spent time with them, it hasn't always been in the best circumstances. 

Because I'm flying down to Christchurch I though I would talk through some of the items I take with me in  my carry on luggage. I do also have my handbag with me at all times so in there I have the basic things like my phone, wallet and airline tickets. The flight is roughly an hour, so not a very long flight at all but because I have the worst anxiety when it comes to flying, a lot of these products are for comfort and piece of mind. 

I do the flight to Christchurch and back very regularly and I enjoy having something to listen to throughout the journey. Podcasts are probably my favourite to listen to because most of my favourite Podcasts are roughly 40 minutes to a hour long, so they're the perfect length. Audio books and music are also other great options for things you could listen to on a flight. 

Book or Magazine
If I choose not to listen to a Podcast I'll have a book or a magazine in my hand. Again, this is just another way I choose to distract myself and hopefully make the flight go a little quicker. 

I don't ever use my laptop while on this particular flight. For some reason I don't like the thought of my laptop being in my checked luggage so I take it with me in my carry on. It's one of those piece of mind things. 

I'll always have a jumper with me especially when flying to Christchurch at this time of the year because it's normally a lot colder down there than it is here. But again, it also can be a comfort thing too. 

Water Bottle
The flight attendants usually offer us water but I just like to have my own bottle handy for whenever I might need it. 

Lip Balm
Flying does this terrible thing to my skin where it like to pull all the moisture out and dry it out to the max. Not great where your skin is already dehydrated thanks to the cold weather, but we deal with it. Dry lips are super uncomfortable and it's just nice to have a lip balm handy if you need it. 

Hand Cream 
Something I don't use specifically on the flight but it is great to have handy for when you arrive and get off the plane. Again, the cold weather and my skin don't agree, so it's important for me to have hand cream accessible. 

B x

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