4 February 2018

Bright, Bold and Beautiful | Lipsticks

To me, summer screams bright lipstick shades but of course, you can rock bright lipsticks shades whenever the hell you feel like it. These are some of my favourite bright and bold lipstick shades in my lipstick collection. I've tried to link everything where I can but finding exact colour matches on a few of the online sites proved to be more difficult. Maybelline, site linked, have an incredible range lipsticks with various shades, some similar to those that I have mentioned. 

Now that's all done with lets get to my favourite bright and bold lipsticks. 

Delivers a burst of bold colour and a surge of creamy texture for the creamiest matte look.
Brighter colour from our exclusive vivid pigments. Creamer feel from nourishing honey nectar.
Provides high charge of colour and coverage. Ultra precise tip ensures even application. Plush fibres for the smoothest feel.

Specially formulated to glide on effortlessly like a gloss and set with a rich cream colour and velvety touch of matte lipstick. It's long lasting, lightweight and lusciously soft. Like all Body Shop Makeup it's also cruelty free and vegetarian too.

Let me know your favourite bright lipsticks, I'd love to check 'em out. 

Much love, B x 

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