13 February 2018

Remember This When You Don't Feel Good Enough

I came across a post not to long ago that inspired this post I’ve written today. Not feeling good enough is so mentally draining and is something I think we can all say we struggle with now and then, I know I do. But what do you do to get yourself out of that rut? If you’re struggling at the moment or maybe are looking for some tips for the next time you’re feeling down on yourself have a read below. They’re just  things I like to remind myself when trying to bring myself back from feeling like I’m just not good enough. 

We All Struggle From Time To Time
 We all struggle from time to time whether we like to admit it or not. We all experience moments of self doubt and sometime I think it’s good to remind ourselves that even those we love and admire most go through the same self doubt thought process. As much as we’d all like to move through like constantly progressing and moving forward, it just not realistic. 

Celebrate Other Peoples Success But Don’t Let It Dampen Yours
It’s so important that we learn how to be happy for others while not letting it dampen our own successes. Even if your success isn’t the same level as yours doesn’t mean it’s an less incredible. Half the time we realise we’re jealous before even knowing what we’re jealous about! Being happy for someone is so simple and such a wonderful thing. 

You’re Doing Just Fine
If I’m going to be honest, I’m always telling myself that I’m doing okay. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we’re doing. But in reality we’re all doing the best we can in our current circumstances. We’re so focused on moving forward and bettering ourselves we often forget about all the incredible things we’re doing in the present moment. 

Much love, B x

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