27 February 2018

2018: February Favourites | Body Butters & Shower Gels

February has been crazy busy and I don't have too many favourites this month but regardless I thought I'd share with you anyway.

'A nourishing daily moisturiser for most but particularly beneficial for people with dry or sensitive skin and specific skin conditions.' Big fan of this product and it's what I used on my dermatitis right up until I saw my GP. This product can be used to moisturise any part of the body which is what I love most. 

I got gifted a bunch of bits and piece from the Body Shop over Christmas including a gorgeous Body Butter and Shower Gel. They were both in there limited edition Christmas scents so I would imagine you could purchases them now but regardless of the scent, which is freaking amazing, I adore their Body Butters and Shower Gels. They have the best selection of scents so there's definitely something for everyone.

I mean, this product has been my life saver over the past few weeks I couldn't not talk about it in this post. If you've read my 'Minimal Makeup and Skincare' post then you'll how much I love this product. It has no harsh chemicals or any artificial colours or perfumes, it doesn't clog pores and of course it light and moisturising. It is exactly what I needed and I'm so pleased with how it's working with my skin. 

I don't normally talk about favourite polishes on my website but I'm currently loving this shade. It's a gorgeous light pink shade and looks stunning on either your finger or toe nails. The formula of Sinful Colours polishes are really lovely and the shoe range is great too. There's bound to be something for everyone. 

What are you favourites this month? 

Much love, B x 

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