11 February 2018

A Gentle Routine For When Looking After You

After looking at my post schedule for the month of February I’ve realised that the majority of this months posts are self care based. Of course, unintentional as I prefer to mix up my content from month to month and chat about anything and everything but I really think the way my post schedule has turned out for this month speaks volumes about how I was really feeling at the time of putting it all together. 

I had a few events going on in my life at the end of January that I perhaps didn’t want to confront but had to anyway. My conscious mind was telling me that I was okay, coping with everything pretty well and to continue on with everyday life. But, subconsciously it was a little bit different. Subconsciously, I wasn’t okay nor was I coping. I needed to take a step back, look after myself and reconnect with me. 

I apologise that the majority of this months content is self care/self love based but it’s something I’m passionate about and I write about it in the hopes that you guys will take some much deserved time for yourself to relax and look after number one, you. 

I have a routine in place that perhaps isn’t so intense, doesn’t have too many time limitations, is flexible and full of all thing I love for those times that are just for me to do whatever the heck I want. 

 I love the shit out of candles and there is quite possibly at least one candle in every room of my home. I find candles so calming. They’re the perfect wee decor piece in any room and you can get some really beautiful scents that can make any room a peaceful room.

When I have some time to myself I like to take the opportunity to catch up on some of my favourite TV series. 

Bubble Baths
I’m always having bubble baths, especially when it comes to having some time to myself. I’ll use a Lush bath bomb, have a few candles lit and take some time to reflect and think about the random bits and pieces floating around in my mind. 

A cup of tea solves everything, right? I try to avoid coffee if it’s late at night so alternatively I’ll have a cup of hot tea. There’s just something about a hot cup of tea that just sits well inside me and makes me feel all cosy. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a magazine but I try to make time for reading. I love reading but it’s one of those things I have to actively schedule time for otherwise it kind of gets forgotten about it. 

Nothing feels better than a fresh face. I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to skincare and definitely have a product for anything and everything. I’ve always been vigilant with my skincare. My mum taught my little sister and I to look after our skin from a very young age and that’s what we’ve done. Skincare if definitely a big part of any routine, whether it’s morning or night, for me so this routine is no different plus it makes you feel fantastic. 

Much love, B x 

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