18 February 2018

My Workspace For Productivity

I tend to switch up my workspace every 4-6 months. This can be from the smallest thing like changing up desk decor to replacing my desk candle or it can come in a larger form such as moving around bigger furniture pieces or completing reorganising and decorating. I've always viewed change as a positive, a good thing but I know not everybody views change like that. I truly believe that change has a variety of benefits on several different areas of our lives. 

My workspace is pretty basic but it works well for me. The notebooks you'll see on the left hand side of my desk are used to website post planning and scheduling. I prefer to have them sitting on my desk because that way they're easily accessible. Next I have a few pieces of decor. A marble 'X' ornament, a fake plant, a candle and a essence burner. On my desk I also have a place for any lose papers that need to be kept easily accessible, a bunch of note paper and the sticky notes I'm currently using in my planner. The simply gorgeous pen holder holds some of my favourite pens, a pair of scissors and a ruler, just the basics. You may also notice that in the bottom right hand corner I have an oil defuser sitting on my desk. I was gifted this at Christmas time and I love it. I've wanted one for the longest time and it's definitely something I try and use on a daily basis to help clear the air. 

I'm loving my workspace at the moment and because of that, I'm feeling super productive. It's a minimal but functional space which is right up my alley. 

All the main stationary pieces were brought at Kmart and decor pieces from the Warehouse. You definitely don't need to spend a crazy amount of money, if you don't want to, to achieve a simple but functional workspace. 

Let me know what you have in your workspace that helps increase productivity!

Much love, B x 

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