4 July 2019

13 Stress-Relievers To Help You Out

Sometimes getting stressed out is unavoidable, it happens & it’s perfectly normal. But if there’s one thing I think we’d all like to improve on is to beat the stress quickly when it arrives rather than getting more stressed about being stressed. 

Have A Big Squeeze
Sometimes a quick hug from out bestfriend, your boyfriend or even your mum can do you the world of good. A good hug can make you feel so much better than before, so squeeze away! 

Take The Perfect Bath
My favourite thing to add to a bath in essential oils. A hot bath will do you the world of good but by adding these extras it will really help you to make the most of that time for you.

Get Outside
Getting out into natural & taking a casual walk by yourself can do you the world of goof. Getting out into the fresh air helps ease your mind & when you’ve returned from your walk you’ll be feeling fresher than ever. 

An alternative to a walk & can be more effective. If you’ve got a lot of stress going on, maybe you’d find classes like boxing work well for you. 

Find Your Inner Peace
Mediation is a fantastic way to unwind. Millions of people do it around the world & swear by it. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry there are plenty of apps out there that can get you started. 

Create A Plan
The best way I can think of to avoid stress is to always plan for it. Stress is unavoidable so it’s important to plan your days around it if you can. If you can plan your day to avoid stress altogether, then that’s even better! 

Calming Tea
Sometimes all we need to do is stop for five minutes, have a cup of tea & take time for ourselves. 

Essential Oils
Ylang Ylang & Jasmine are really great for relaxation & anxiety. These are an essential in your routine if you get stressed out a lot. You can find Ylang Ylang & Jasmine anywhere from beauty products to pure oils. 

A bit of stretching never hurt anyone. Everyone knows that yoga is really good for finding your centre & relaxing. So maybe mediation isn’t your thing, give yoga a go instead. 

Talk It Out
There’s nothing better than sitting with a group of women who just get you. I always grow from those conversations. So, sitting with a friend & just offloading always helps me to get everything off my chest plus I always feel so good afterwards. 

Not always as easy as it sounds but when things get a little OTT rather than just stressing about everything & letting yourself get all worked up just try & delegate some of your tasks. Everyone works in teams, so it might just be easier if you ask for help. 

Treat & Pamper Yourself
I don’t know about you but when I’m pampering & looking after myself with a face mask & even doing my nails, I always feel so much better. Whether it’s on a Friday night with the girls or a Sunday night by myself, I always treat myself to give me that boost I need. 

Accept What You Can’t Change
Again, easier said than done but try not to stress yourself out over things that are out of your control. Sit down with yourself & justify how you feel, remember that nothing is the end of the world & you can handle anything that is thrown at you. But if you can’t change it, then don’t worry about it. 

B x 

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