18 July 2019

Rest, Recover & Repair | Evening Routine: Winter Edition

It’s pretty standard that my evening routine start time varies on the time I get home for the day but I’ve put together this post based on what I do rather than the time I do it. I also try to get to bed before 11P every night to ensure that I get a decent amount of sleep. 

Dinner, Dishes & 15 Minute Home Tidy
I always begin my evening routine with dinner. It’s pretty simple, I’ll make whatever I’ve planned to have for dinner then tidy up the massive mess I’ve made. I’ll then also do a quick 15 minute tidy up of the home. A quick 15 minutes every night opposed to letting things build up over the week, makes cleaning & tidying so much easier. 

Shower, Hair, Skincare & Teeth
Now it’s time to move into the bathroom. This is the time that I’ll shower, wash my hair & brush my teeth. I’ll also take a period of time to complete my skincare routine. You can check out my current ‘Skincare Line Up | Autumn/Winter Edition’ here. Skincare is one of my favourite parts of my evening routine. 

Hot Drink, Planning & Journaling
I’ll grab a hot drink & get out my planner. I’ll check off what I managed to complete today & create a task list of things I need to complete the following day. I’ll also take some time to journal. There’s normally no rhyme or reason to my journaling, it’s just like a massive brain dump for everything & anything from the day. Doing a wee brain dump/journaling session each night allows me to go to bed with a clear mind & helps me get a better nights sleep. 

Reading, Mediation & Stretching
It’s now time for me to fully unwind from the day. I’ll do some reading whether that’s from the current book I’m reading or an article online I’ve been wanting to read. I’ll also complete a wee mediation session which helps me calm & clear my mind before bed. Stretching helps keep my body semi pain free & not so stiff. Stretching is also something that is apart of my morning routine too. 

And that’s a wrap! That’s what my evening routine consists of at the moment! It does change ever so slightly now & then but for the most part, it stays pretty much the same. 

B x 

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