14 July 2019

What's Making Me Happy Right Now

Last month was a busy month & I didn't really have a chance to sit down & appreciate all the happy moments that occurred. For July, I promised myself I would slow things down a bit, be more present & appreciate all the happy moments in my life, big or small. 

Alive & Breathing
An odd one if you don't know that background story. I was involved in a car accident at the beginning of the month & while my car it a bit worse for wear, I'm okay. Physically I'm okay, mentally I freak out anytime a car gets way to closer to mine but other than that I'm okay. It all could of been so much worse but I'm so incredibly grateful to just be alive & breathing. 

School Holidays
School holidays are always so much fun! Working with the children & getting them involved in heaps so exciting activities is awesome. Holidays are times for children to relax & have fun & that's what we aim to do with the children that have to come into care over that period of time. 

Cold Mornings, Warm Days 
Can't say I've ever been a big fan of winter but one thing I do enjoy is the cold, crisp morning & the warm afternoons. Not a big fan of the grey, rainy days but the crisp mornings & warm afternoons gives me something to look forward to! 

I've been trying to make more time for reading. It doesn't always go to plan but reading brings a lot of joy to my life. It's a chance for me to sit down & escape from my reality & dive into someone else's.

B x 

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