7 July 2019

Four Facial Masks I'm Loving & Why

I haven't spoken about face masks on my site much & I don't think I give them enough credit for all the wonderful work they do to my skin. These are my top four favourite face masks at the moment & I adore them all for many different reasons. 

“It’s the fennel countdown. When your skin needs a pick-me-up there’s nothing better than this blend inspired by Ayurvedic herbs, designed to bring skin back to life. Stimulating parsley & coriander help to cleanse skin while warming fennel & ginger root stimulate, improving circulation & brightening skin tone. Dripping in enriching honey & enzymic fresh organic lime juice to really revitalise the skin & give you a radiant glow. It’s time to be brazen.” 

Brazened Honey is a great mask for detoxifying your skin. Every time I use this mask it’s like my skin has had a complete refresh. It helps enhance your natural glow & revitalise skin. If you’re looking for an detoxify face mask that help improve circulation, brighten skin tone & gives a radiant glow then this fresh face mask might just be for you. 

“Fighting for clear, pacified skin? Cooling, fresh green grapes set the rhythm, while a battle cry of garlic, kaolin & antibacterial tea tree calms & cleansers. Smooth on a generous layer & sit back for 10 minutes delightfully moisturising honey gets to work. Them simply rise away with warm water.” 

I feel like this mask has all the right properties for tackling an troublesome spots. I love how this mask helps tackle spots but also has cooling & moisturising properties as well.  

“Replenish your skin with nature’s antioxidant-rich Turmeric with Curcumin, proven to help fight free radicals that accelerate the signs of ageing. Shea Butter nourishes & conditions, while Aloe Vera hydrates. The result? Brighter, fresher, more vibrant skin. 

Another one of my favourite detoxifying face masks purely because while it’s detoxifying, it’s not dehydrating. While Shea Butter helps nourish & condition the skin, the Aloe Vera hydrates & the Turmeric helps detoxify. I love this combination & it never fails to leave my skin feeling great. 

“This oil-free facial mask is creamy & helps skin drink deep overnight for a soft, dewy radiant glow by the morning. Featuring a rich, oil-free texture, this over-night mask penetrates the skin deeply to replenish lost moisture & soothe irritated skin. Skin retains its own natural moisture barrier & resists harmful irritants.”

The most beautiful hydrating mask I’ve ever tried. It deeply replenishes lost moisture & soothe irritated skin over night. It’s just like giving your skin a drink overnight that leaves your skin soft, dewy & radiant for the morning. 

If there are any face masks that you think are worth trying out, definitely let me know! 

B x 

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