9 July 2019

How To Get Your Life Together Right Now

My weekend didn't exactly go to plan. I had originally planned to have a super productive weekend & just get shit done. I have an assignment that is completed but needs typing up, blog posts that I wanted to get finished, errands to run & a house to tidy but I got no where near as much done as I had hoped, hence why you're getting this post rather than the planned original. On Friday night I was involved it a car accident that has left me without a car for who knows how long. I'm shaken up & a bit sore but other than that I'm okay. 

I've lacked motivation & inspiration for the past couple of weeks now & I came across a post that just spoke to me. 'Career Girl Daily' is one of my favourite places to go for some of the best content. They're also one of the most frequently visited sites on my laptop. 

'How To Get Your Life Together Right Now' happened to pop up in my Bloglovin' newsfeed at the perfect time & I wanted to share that with you guys since it has started to pull me out of my rut. 

I think when I've recovered properly from with wee rut & am back into the full swing of things, I'll do a post all about what's helped me move on. 

B x 

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