23 July 2019

Book Review: How To Be Happy Or At Least Less Sad - Creative Workboook By Lee Crutchley

“A different kind of self-help book. This book cannot fix you & it cannot make you happy. The good news is that no other book on this planet can either, but you already know that. Because you know, deep down, that no self-help book can make you happy. Just like you know, deep down, that you can. Maybe you haven’t discovered that yet or maybe you’ve forgotten but you know more than you think about your own happiness. This creative & practical book will help you draw, write, discover & remember those things that make you feel happy . . . or at least less sad.” 

"Author and illustrator Lee Crutchley brings his lively interactive approach to a little-discussed but very common issue: the struggle with depression and anxiety. Through a series of supportive, surprising, and engaging prompts. 'How To Be Happy Ot At Least Less Sad' helps readers see things in a new light, and rediscover simple pleasures and everyday joy…or at least feel a little less sad. By turns a workbook, trusted friend, creative outlet, security blanket, and secret diary, the pages of this book will offer solace, distraction, engagement, a fresh perspective, and hopeful new beginnings—for readers of all ages and walks of life."

I was gifted this book by a lovely friend of mine in Sweden when I was going through a bit of a rough time & it was the exact thing I needed. The pages of this book are full with a bunch of creative activities that will help shift you’re mindset. I haven’t actually written directly into this book but I’m completed a bunch of activities from the book & I have to admit that there are some really thought provoking activities in this book as well. One of my favourite pages is when you’re asked to create a collage of worries & then create a collage of calm. I cannot recommend this book enough. It really helped me in a time of need & I still ever back to this book on a regular basis. 

B x 

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