25 July 2019

Sick Day Routine | Winter Edition

Hello winter, hello sick days. Winter is in full force & I’ve had a couple of sick days where I’ve had to do nothing but rest & look after myself. When it comes to my sick day routine, it’s pretty basic. 

When I’m sick or not feeling 100% I will try & have a bit of a sleep in & let my body rest for as long as possible. My morning then starts with jumping straight into the shower. Nothing beats a hot shower plus I find it’s the best way to help relieve any head & sinus pressure. A hot shower is also great for any muscle aches. Looking after my skin is so important when I’m sick because my skin tends to get super dehydrated. I’ll get dressed into some comfy clothes & moved into my room to make my bed & do a quick 10 minute tidy. 

Next up is medication & supplements. In regards to medication for when I’m sick I’ll usually take a decongestant to help reliever any head & sinus pressure throughout the day. For supplements I take combination of Zinc, Vitamin C & Echinacea. Healtheries do a fantastic supplement, ‘Garlic, Vit C, Zinc & Echinacea with Olive Leaf’ & this is my go to supplement in the winter. 

Rest, rest & more rest. Resting up is a big part of my sick day routine. If it’s a sunny day outside I’ll wrap up warm & go & get some fresh air but other than that I’m most likely going to be found watching Netflix or YouTube. It’s not often I’m taking an entire day off sick so a lot of these practices happen over serval days to ensure that I’m okay to at least make it to the weekend. 

B x 

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