2 July 2019

Making The Most Of Everyday

Procrastination, poor time management, over-indulgence, we’re all guilty of these things, right? None of it is a big deal until it becomes a daily habit where we find ourselves just watching the days go by, waiting for the weekend, hoping that something will change. 

If you’re finding yourself not knowing where your time goes, I’d start with tracking everything you do during your day, however productive or unproductive it is. This small activity can be a real eye-opener. 

Here are some of the other things that helped me take back control of my days & making the most of every single one of them. 

Stay Organised 
I feel like this is a bit of an obvious one but at some stage in my evening, you’ll find me sat with my planner & laptop, working on the next days events & errands. Staying organised isn’t just about having a planner & keeping track of what needs to be done & when it needs to be done by, it also involves keeping your space free of clutter. Putting things away as you go will make cleaning your space a lot easier & minimise frustration when to comes to rushing to find something specific.

Time Blocking 
Time-blocking turned out to be a game changer for me when it came to my productivity levels. It provides much needed structure to my busy & scattered mind but it also helps me make the most of everyday. If I know what’s happening, when it’s happening & where I need to be then I can schedule other tasks & errands around those scheduled appointments, events or projects. 

When we talk about being organised & having our shit together, we often also talk about prioritising. Sounds easy, right? Just do the most important first & the least important last. But how do we figure out what is the most important & what can wait until another day? Here I’m going to leave linked what I believe is the most fantastic yet simplistic way of figuring out your priorities. With all that aside, yes, prioritising your daily tasks is key to avoiding taking on too much or overfilling your time. 

Be Present 
How many times fo you wake up & the next thing you know you’re back in your bed, getting ready to sleep. Some days can drag on forever & some pass by very quickly, way too quickly at times if you ask me. Staying mindful & present during your day will help you appreciate those little everyday things. You become calmer & happier the more you live in the now opposed to the past or future. Instead of rushing around trying to get from one place to another or wishing you were someplace else, stop & pause for a moment. Be thankful for where you are in life at the moment. 

Unwind & Reset
One of the best ways to make the most of every day & really get a fresh start the next morning is to reset & decompress the night before. Let go of all the stress from the previous day & take some time to unwind & relax. Some of my favourite ways to do this are through mediation, journaling & reading. The key is to find some time at the end of your day to reset a little & do something you really love. 

B x 

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