10 November 2015


This day in age I think it's important to be patient. To be understanding, forgiving, thoughtful and gentle.

In this world today, we are in such a rush to get everything done we fail to take notice of what's really going on around us, we fail to take in the beauty around us and we fail to grateful and thoughtful. 
That woman you cut off this morning on the motorway might have been on her way to visit her critically ill husband in hospital. That man behind the till in your local supermarket with the unnecessary attitude might have been feeling really ill with an awful headache but couldn't afford to take time off work because we has a son to provide for. That horrible English teacher of yours who has given you the homework task of writing a 600 word essay in one night, she might be stressed and worried about her father that has just been diagnosed with cancer. 
What I'm trying to say is that every single person  you come across during your day has a story, a life, and that's something that you have no idea about. We are so quick to judge these days, we are in such a constant rush to be everywhere and anywhere, while trying to get everything done at once. 
We all need to take the time to appreciate and be grateful for what we have. We need to take the time in our daily lives to appreciate everything that others do for us. We need to take time to be patient, understand, forgiving, thoughtful and gentle. 
We all have bad days and unfortunately they are inevitable. We are all humans, and believe it or not, this world is full of them. Precious, individual souls, not a single one of us can be replaced. So lets all start being more understanding, patient and thoughtful towards each other and make our world a better place.
This aspect of being understanding and thoughtful towards other is something that I have been preaching for years and although I have my bad days I still try my very hardest not to take it out on those around me whether I know them or not. 
All I ask of you is that you really think about the message I'm trying to get across here because at the end of the day, we're all humans and we're all have made mistakes and are going to probably make many more. Be understanding. Be thoughtful. Be gentle. Be patient and be grateful and appreciate what you have. 

                                                                  B x 

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