3 November 2015


Since a week ago I decided to do a updated morning routine post, I thought it would be the perfect time to then do a updated evening routine. Like I said in my morning routine post, which I'll link here, keep in mind these times will vary as it all depends on what my day is like. Whether I have a busy day or more of a relaxed day.

Around 430 in the afternoon I'll take a bit of a break and have a snack. I might even read, watch some YouTube in this time. Depending what I'm doing that particular day, I might have a break a little bit earlier and then hit the gym for about an hour. I try to do this everyday but some days do tend to get a little bit busy and the gym gets put on the back burner unfortunately. If I'm not going to the gym, I'll usually head back to my desk around 5 and finish anything off that needs it or just finish things off in a good place where I can easily pick it up the next day. So that may include emails, blog bits, anything to do with YouTube, any social medias bits and pieces. 

About 630 in the evening I'll kind of start working out what I want for dinner and then start preparing it and I'll usually have my dinner around 7-730. In this time I also like to sit down with my mum, catch up with her and see how her day has been, we might watch some tv, maybe Netflix or a movie. 

Then 9 o'clock rolls around and it's time for me to have a shower or a bath. This is time that I really like to take for myself. I'll wash my hair, cleanse my face, exfoliate, moisture and at least one a week I'll do a face mask. 

930-945 PM is the time that I try and do a little bit of yoga, meditation or just stretching. I won't do this every night as sometimes I make time during the morning or my day to do it but sometimes I find it useful to do it at night too. 

By 1030 I'm in bed. I'll either be reading, I might be watching a YouTube video or what not. Then I'll eventually nod off to sleep. 

This is just my basic night routine and like I said above, I don't necessarily keep to these times, it really does all depend on the day I've had, the times are just a rough estimate. 

B x 

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