5 November 2015


Instagram. Definitely one of the most used apps on my phone. I love the fact that I'm able to have this unique place where not only can I share my pictures with you guys but also a place where I can come back and have a place where all my memories are kept. I love photography, editing photos and playing around the colour and the composition and all that good stuff. I thought today that I would share with you some of my favourite Instagram accounts and with that I also get a lot of my inspiration and new ideas and thoughts.

'seeyouaround' Instagram account has more of a darker theme but I adore this. I'd say that the pictures are everyday lifestyle based and again I adore this. The pictures are really simple yet they look amazing and I feel that they can really tell a story. I love to gather inspiration from this particular Instagram account because I just think that it's incredibly well set out and I essentially love her posts. 

I myself watch Amelia's YouTube channel and she is just such a lovely, caring, down to earth kinda girl. Her pictures are incredible and I always find joy out of looking at them. I'd say the her theme is definitely bright and it has an amazing pop of colour. Amelia posts a range of different pictures, whether it's beauty related, or lifestyle related with of course the occasional selfie! 

I feel like I talk about Jonlyn a lot. Whether it's her in general, her YouTube channel or her Instagram. But honestly Jonlyn is such an amazing person. We've talked a few times through Twitter and I honestly love her and her Instagram is no different. Jonlyn has a black and white themed Instagram and honestly I'm not a big fan of black and white Instagram feeds but there's something different about Jonlyn's. Again I'd say her Instagram is more everyday life style based. 

Again I've watched Aspyn on YouTube for quite awhile now and she's so super lovely and caring! Aspyn's Instagram is quite bright but then has some amazing pops of colour. She posts a range of different pictures so I'd definitely say it's a lifestyle based theme. 

I'm not going to say a lot about Meghan's Instagram account apart from the fact that is truly amazing and you must go and check it out! Plus Meghan has a very light bright theme so if you like that kind of theme definitely head over and check it out! 

Of course anyone can post whatever they want to their Instagrams, remember not to be judgemental and to keep your thoughts to yourself if you have nothing nice to say. I see way to many horrible comments on social media these days, just remember that your words can hurt someone more than you could ever imagine. If you would like to follow me over at my Instagram account, I'd love to have you following me, it's just @msbonni3ellen

B x

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