17 November 2015


I've been wearing make up for possibly three to four years now & for along as I can remember my pores have always been visible & slightly on the larger side. With that, over the past few years I've done a little bit of research & tried out a bunch of different options & I thought today I would share some of the best of them with you.

First of all lets start with the basics "pores are the tiny opening in the skin where oil & sweat is released to keep the skin naturally cool, healthy & moisturised." You have pores all over you body, on the surface of your skin, but they tend to be more noticeable on the face because that it where the oil glands are the largest. When you breakout it's due to the fact that your pores get clogged with dead skin cells, dirt, make up or oil. So it really does go without saying that you need to be cleaning your face daily to prevent build up & also to keep your pores clean. Pores can appear larger on others is due to the fact that obviously we all have different skin types but it can also come down to genetics.  I also read that it depends on the kind of skin type you have, for example, people with oily skin tend to have larger pores because their pores are more active. While you can't actually physically shrink your pores but there are a few different things you can try to make them appear smaller & here are some of my favourites. 

#1 Cleansing daily. 
Never ever go to sleep without giving you skin a proper cleanse. I prefer to do a double cleanse just because I love the way a double cleanse makes my skin feel plus it is highly recommended. Incorporating steam can help to open up the pores & help release impurities while softening the skin at the same time. 

#2 Exfoliating. 
Exfoliating is key to keeping pores clear & exfoliating is something that should be in your skincare routine at least twice a week. I find the exfoliating really does help with the size of my pores & again really does help with the softening of the skin. 

#3 Primers.
Primers might be one of those products that you think you could do without or that you don't really know or understood the purpose of. However using a primer is an amazing way to minimise the appearance of pores. Primer sits between you skin & foundation while preventing your foundation from sinking into your pores while also helping you achieve more of an even skin tone. 

Now I know that these three steps are very simple but they do honestly help me with minimising the appearance of my pores. You have to keep in mind that you are never actually going to actually rid of your pores so it's good to just in brace it, it's apart of who you are.

B x

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