22 November 2015


A week ago  today I celebrated with my bestfriend over FaceTime our thirteen year anniversary. I've spent thirteen years with this girl in my life, with her by my side, through the thick & the thin & if I'm going to be honest I wouldn't of had it any other way. I love her to bits but not only that I miss her like crazy! 


Cassidy, this one is for you girlfriend. Here's to all the crazy times we've had, the laughs, the tears, & all the memories too. I couldn't ask for a better bestfriend, a better sister. Here's to all the years to come, I can't wait. 

You all are probably wondering why I'm writing a post dedicated to my bestfriend. Well not only is she amazing but also over the past couple of weeks I've learnt to appreciate my friends & family so much more than I already did. These past weeks, this world has gone through so much, so many lives have been lost all over the place & it all really hit home because I don't know what I'd do without my close friends & family. I'd be so lost. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, it's all precious. If you love someone make sure it's known, make sure you tell them because you never know what tomorrow is going to bring. 

                                                                         B x

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