26 November 2015


In my opinion make up is such an amazing tool to play around & experiment with. Big & bight eyes are something that I have always loved & something that I like to achieve on an every day basis. In the way of lashes, I've always liked to have thick long lashes without having to wear any falsies & that's something I also find that helps really open up my eyes.

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#1: Shape them brows. 
I find having tidy brows will always make you eyes appear brighter & well put together especially when using a brow bone highlight. I suggest plucking or waxing them from the bottom to create a gorgeous arch. If you aren't so confident in doing this yourself I would recommend that you get someone that knows what they're doing to help you whether that be a friend or family member or even popping to your local beauty salon. 

#2: Concealer. 
Concealer is an important one. Not only does it help hide any horrible under eye bags but it's also going to help highlight & brighten your under eye area. 

#3: Eyeliner. 
I think everyone should have a white, cream or nude eyeliner in their collection. Placing a nude eyeliner in the water line is going to brighten up the eye & contradict any redness you have going on. I also think I a black wing on the top lid creates an awake & put together look. 

#4: Lashes. 
Like I said earlier I personally like really thick, long, fluttery lashes without having to use falsies. However I do think that false lashes can really make the eyes pop & especially if you don't have time to be applying several layers of mascara on your lashes. Another tip that I think helps with making the eyes pop is applying bottom lash mascara. I know that this isn't everybody's thing but I really think it helps with opening up the eyes. 

#5 Eye Creams & Masks. 
Last but not least & most definitely just as important as the others. Keep the skin around your eyes moisturised is not only going to help with make up application but it will also help with giving you eyes & skin that bright, radiant look it needs especially with early mornings. Eye masks are going to help with the puffiness around the eyes but simply a cold teaspoon would do this trick if you're in a rush in the mornings.

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