8 November 2015


We can all have a rough time sometimes and it's to be expected, there's not a lot we can do about it. It's just apart of life unfortunately. I can often find myself having an amazing day, getting heaps of work done and just in a really good place, then about mid afternoon I find myself in a bit of a rut. Now this doesn't happen all the time but I've learnt along the way some instant pick me ups and these just give me a chance to re-fresh and I guess re-start my mind. And today that's what I plan on sharing with you.

1 // Pets
Pets are a great way to cheer me up. I personally am an animal lover so spending time around animals is something I really love to do. If I'm in one of my down moods and my cat is around I'll take some time to cuddle with him and just really try and relax. If you have a dog, you could take them for a walk. Walking would also really help clear your mind too.

2 // Baths
Take a hot bath. My body knows that when I'm taking a bath it's nothing but relax and me time. I like to put some bubbles in, maybe something that smells amazing from Lush. A hot bath is really going to help relax muscles and I think just really give you some me time.

3 // Hugs
This one is pretty self explanatory but I know that if I get a hug from someone it makes me feel so much better. Hugs are definitely one of my favourite pick me ups.

4 // Music
Music is something I can't go a day without listening to. And if I feel that I need to take a break from working or just take a break in general I'll put on a calming playlist and just lie on my bed with my eyes closed, just really focusing on my breathing. I find this so calming and relaxing. This is something that I might do for 10-15 minutes or possibly even longer depending on how I'm feeling.

5 // Goodbye Social Media
If I'm taking a break and looking for something to pick me up, I can guarantee you I won't be on social media. Although I know that social media can be a positive place it also has it negatives too. And sometimes we consumer those negatives without even being aware of it.

6 // Books
Reading is something that I love to do whether I'm looking for a pick me up or not. I find that reading really gives you the opportunity to dive into another world. You become present in the book and imagine everything that is happening in the character lives rather than your own.

7 // Working Out
Now when I say working out I don't necessarily mean a full blown intense cardio workout. By all means do that if that's something you want to do at the time but by 'working out' I also mean just going to a walk around the block, maybe a run, or why not try some Yoga or Mediation. Something I like to see is just small at home workouts. Nothing to intense but enough to get my heart rate up and get up a bit of a sweat. Working out or even just getting outside and getting some fresh air is going to make you feel so much better.

8 // T.V Series
Again very similar to the idea of reading. Pop on your favourite t.v series or your favourite movie and give your mind a chance to really dive into it, the characters lives and the story line. Again sometimes this is all we need to take our minds of things for a while so then we can get back on track. Put something on that is really going to inspire you and that may even be some of your favourite YouTube videos.

9 // Face Masks
I love doing a good ole face mask. I try and do this at least once or twice a week. It's going to make your skin feel amazing and I always think a good face mask will waken and freshen you up.

10 // Hot Drinks
At the end of a long day I love to sit down with a hot cup of tea. Again this is about taking some time for myself and treating myself after a long day. 

B x

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