12 November 2015


Being home is the best thing ever, am I right ladies? Without a word of a lie, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want and yes of course that means you're able to eat whenever you want. I know for some of us, that having the house to ourselves is a sacred time & we all make the most of that time as possible. Well here are some weird things that we know that we all do when home alone - don't deny it, we all know your secrets!

#1 Being the inner star you always knew you were. 
Let's be honest, we all love to cover ourselves in our favourite perfumes, turn on our favourite tunes & having our own wee dance party. It's your time to shine - I knew you were always meant to be a superstar. 

#2 Crying & more crying, oh & some more crying. 
Crying when people are around can get pretty uncomfortable. When you're home alone is the perfect time to have a bit of a cry & remember the good times. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a good cry sometimes & in fact sometimes it's nice & exactly what we need. Pop on a movie or listen to some sad tunes, there's no one there ready to pounce on you & ask you a million & one questions. 

#3 Making your bed the next top MTV crib. 
When your home alone not only does your bed become your office, but it becomes your dinning room, living room, kitchen & of course we can't forget that it's your bed too. Why would you ever need to leave such a magical place right? 

#4 It's time to take some ugly selfies. 
It's bad enough when you're trying to take a selfie & you have the whole squad steering at you but when you're home alone go wild on the ugly selfies, but be careful..don't be accidentally spending them to your crush on Snapchat! Oh & you want to know what's even better? If you happen to get a selfie that isn't so bad, you might as well edit it & make it your new Twitter profile picture! 

#5 Are clothes really needed? 
Being home alone means clothes are optional right? If you're comfortable in a baggy t-shirt and sweats then so be it, who say's you have to wear clothes? Oh the social norms, they most definitely not apply here that's for sure. 

#6 Karaoke. 
I mean it's bad enough when I'm not home alone, let alone when I am here by myself. I mean we can't deny the fact that we all blast our current favourite songs & have a bit of a sing a long. Did I mention that it might be a good idea to make sure that all the windows are closed first? 

#7 Talking to yourself. 
I ain't going to lie. This one is the one I find myself doing the most while home alone. I mean it varies from what I need to get done to full blown conversations & although it might sound crazy, it actually stops you feeling like you're about to go crazy. Don't deny it either, I know you all like to talk to yourself every once & awhile but as soon as you start considering & thinking about the fact that you would make a great friend & person to hangout with, you know you need to take a step back a make a really phone call. 

#8 Freaking out. 
So naturally there's a mass murderer lurking around the streets & of course duh, he know's your home alone. He'd only attack at night & once I'm asleep right? My bedside lamp would do enough damage right? 

#9 Changing it up & trying something new. 
When your home alone there's nothing better to do than play around with your make up & re-create a Kim Kardashian or Kylie or Kendell Jenner look. But not only with make up, we like to try out different outfits with different make up looks as well as different pairs of shoes, oh & of course you can't forget the accessories, duh?  

                              B x 

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