3 December 2015


Whooo, it's December guys! I'm so excited for the festive season to begin & for summer to really kick in. December can be a crazy time for the most of us but it's still important to create some me time for yourself so why not use that spare time to get into the festive spirit & prepare yourself for Christmas.

1: Christmas movies evening with some of your all time favourite Christmas films.

2: Make some of your own Christmas decorations. Be creative & have fun with it.

3: Write out & plan what you're hoping for & what you would like to buy this festive season.

4: Spend an afternoon doing some Christmas baking.

5: Make a Christmas song list on Spotify.

6: Go Christmas decoration shopping. It doesn't have to be specifically for your tree, it could also be for around your home.

7: Read through some of your favourite Christmas blog posts.

8: If you're in a place where Christmas happens to fall in Winter, try going Ice Skating.

9: Treat yourself to an advent calendar.

10: Give yourself a gorgeous glittery manicure.

11: Learn how to make your own snowflake Christmas decorations.

12: Have a bath with a gorgeous festive bath bomb from Lush.

13: Watch Christmas gift guides & hauls on YouTube.

14: Create some gorgeous gift tags for your gifts.

15: Take sometime on a Sunday afternoon to decorate your Christmas tree.

16: Invest in some gorgeous festive bedding. It could even be sometime as simple a a couple of pillows.

17: Experiment with Christmas baking & then gift to friends & family.

18: Write out some Christmas cards.

19: You could even make your own Christmas cards.

20: Go late night Christmas shopping.

21: Drive around your neighbourhood & admire all the beautifully decorated houses.

22: Treat yourself to some festive PJ's.

23: If Christmas falls in Summer life it does for me, take the opportunity to be outside, get some fresh  air & enjoy the sunshine.

24: Decorate your room with you favourite festive pieces.

25: Download a countdown app on your phone & let the countdown begin.

B x

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