8 December 2015


When my sister & I were a lot younger we'd always be up early & we'd go & check if Santa had been. And when I say early I mean like 530 in the morning. Our parents would always let us open our stocking together but in the way on presents, we'd have until the whole family was awake & up.

I love the idea of Christmas stocking. I feel like it's just a sneak peak into the real deal with the gift opening excitement & my sister & I would always receive cute little bits & pieces in our stockings & to us they always meant the most to us. I thought I would share I few ideas on what you can be putting in Christmas stockings this year no matter who the stocking might be for. 

I think adding the persons favourite candy or chocolates is a great way to fill up a Christmas stocking, obviously I'm not meaning the whole stocking, although I'm sure they'd love you for, but it's something you'll know they'll love. 

My sister & I would regularly receive a notebook, a few pens, pencils, colouring pens & pencils, a few small crafty bits & bobs. I alway think these are great for all ages groups but also because you can never go wrong with it but it's also something we all tend to use on an everyday basis. 

I think nail polishes are a gorgeous wee addition to stockings. You can choose whatever colours & it's definitely something that again, you could never go wrong with. Unless of course the person your buying for doesn't wear nail polishes. 

When I say beauty I don't necessarily mean the full sizes either. Although full sizes are great & would fit in stockings fine, mini products are also great. Not only will they not take up to much room but they'll also come in handy when travelling over the holidays. These minis may not just be beauty items but they could also be skin care etc. 

We all have a favourites & they always vary over the year. Putting in on of your personal favourite products from the year for the person to give ago could also be a fantastic idea. 

B x

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