1 December 2015


I would like to get something off my chest. Over this past month I have heard nothing but negative, disgusting, awful things, I'm not talking about in my personal life, I'm talking about in our world. This month has been a continuous cycle of violence & negativity. The Paris bombings, other disgustingly awful tourist attacks & that's only two of the horrendous amount things that have been going on in our world recently.

It makes me so angry & upset to think that other humans can end someone else' life within seconds. I'm confused & I just don't understand how humans can inflict any kind of pain upon another human being. It blows my mind, how anyone could want another human being to suffer in anyway. Kindness is simple people, a smile, a hug, a wave, even a nod of the head & it takes all of two seconds. Someone please answer me this, why would someone want to end someones life rather than make it? Because this has been floating around my mind for a while now & I'm still yet to find the answer. My mum has alway raised me to not judge others & appreciate them, to appreciate life & absolutely everything we have. I don't understand why others weren't raised the same. 

This specific group of judgemental, hateful, cold hearted people, I often wonder if they're even living in the same world as me. Are they even looking at the same beautiful country & world that I am. I wake up everyday & appreciate what I have. The fact that I'm breathing, the I have a warm bed to sleep in, a house to come home too, the fact that I can step outside & breathe the fresh air in, that I'm able to appreciate the outdoors, nature in it's most pure form. I just don't understand how this world can be full of so much hate, look at what's around us, we live in such beautiful place, just take a moment to take in all in. 

I know this post isn't going to dramatically change anything but I'm honesty so sick of hearing these words come out of the mouths of others, "Oh well we can only hope for the best", "It's so sad, but we can't do anything about it",  "I don't believe in god so why should I have to pray?",  "Oh man that's so sad", "I really feel like I need to do something"

You know what, do something about it. Hell yeah it's sad, innocent people have lost their precious lives. We can do more than just hope that it all gets better, & you know what we can do more than feel bad & we can do more than just sit there & refuse to help. I don't care who you are or what you believe in, we can all spread kindness, we can all be compassionate, we don't need to hate & we don't need to judge. What we do need is love, kindness & compassion. Why don't we all start by sharing a smile, a hug or even just a nod of the head because in this world we can't be ganutreed tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year. Be kind to those around you, your parents, your siblings, your family, your neighbours, your bosses, your teachers, your bus drivers, your tax drivers, your enemies, your authorities, even the millions of people you'll never ever meet & the hundreds of strangers you pass by everyday. Kindness isn't hard & at the end of the day love & positivity is & will always be stronger than hate & negativity. Choose love & kindness.

To end this all, I'd like to quote @msjustjonii,
"Life is a precious gem & humans are the monsters. We live in a world where human beings can choose when another life ends. We live in a world we home is no longer a safe place. We live in a world where tragedies occur more than victories. We live in a world where love is missing."

B x 

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