12 December 2015


Nothing can beat sitting in the sun with a good book. I love reading & recently I've been really trying to make the time everyday to read. I thought that it may be a good idea to share some of my favourite reads for the summer. Even if it isn't summer where you are living feel free to also check these books out. These are books that I have either read already or are on my to-read list. I don't have many but without saying no more, lets jump right in.

#1 // Girl Online & Girl Online: On Tour, Written By Zoe Sugg
I'm guessing you all know who Zoe is but if not she is a YouTube sensation with over nine million subscribers on YouTube. Zoe currently has two books out, which I have both read. I think that both of her books are great reads but also just perfect if you're looking for something easy & relaxing to read! You can purchase them through iTunes, for your Kindle & on course you can buy the hard copy.

#2 // A Work In Progress By Connor Franta
Connor Franta is another YouTube favourite of mine & I adore is book completely. Connor has created such a fantastic book that I think is great for all age groups & his book is definitely one that you can that you're able to take heaps from. I adore Connor & again I think this is a great, easy read.

#3 // Bingle By Tyler Oakley
I seem to have a YouTuber theme going on here but again Tyler is a YouTube favourite of mine, not only a favourite of mine but also a favourite of the incredible amount of subscribers he has over on her YouTube channel. I'm yet to read Binge but I can only imagine what it would be like. It's something that I'm so excited to read & something that I think I'll definitely be picking up this summer to read.

#4 // All The Bright Places By Jennifer Niven
All The Bight Places is the book that I'm ready at the moment & although I'm only a few chapters in I think that it's going to be a great book. It's been suggested to me on many different occasions & finally I've decided to pick it up & give it a read. I thought that I might include the thoughts the Zoe Sugg had on the book, "I recently read All The Bright Places" by Jennifer Niven  Ir really enjoyed it. I loved the characters & how she chose to write about mental health." I agree with Zoe, it's great to see authors speaking about something that is so important & something that they are passionate about.

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