17 December 2015


It can be so easy to fall in & out of love with your blog. It's so easy to criticise yourself, your content, your photography & so on. Because here on my blog & across all my social media I'm so honest about what's going on in my life, I'm constantly sharing my opinions, beliefs, values all that kind of stuff but sometimes I wonder if I'm sharing to much & it can be hard to decide where to draw the line. I've decided that I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing, sharing what I want to, what I feel comfortable sharing. At the end of the day I'll share what I want I to, I'll share my opinions, beliefs, values & what not because I think that's what make someones blog theirs. I'll have my opinions & you're aloud to think differently of course you are, but we all just need to respect that. Anyway enough rambling, I'm going to get on to mentioning why I love blogging.

I've met so many amazing people through blogging & putting myself out there through the internet. I've not only made friends in my local area & in my own country but also overseas as well  which is incredible. I love connecting with other fellow bloggers, we just have an instant connection & I feel like we can really just talk for hours. Just being able to connect with people all over the world just because of my own little space on the internet.

I'm constantly inspired everyday. Whether that's from pictures I see on different social media sites or whether it's from those that I follow. #teaminternet is incredible, there's such a big group of us achieving incredibly exciting things everyday & we all inspire each other. My biggest inspiration comes from those that I follow, whether it just be social media, theirs blog or YouTube. We all empower each other, we share positivity & it's honestly an amazing feeling.

The comments I get from friends, family, other bloggers, internet friends & so on are just so lovely. Like I think that's what makes it all really worth it. And also the fact that I know I could be helping somebody out there, like I said before it's an incredible feeling.

I've always had a passion for writing but I've also always wanted to help others. And essentially that's how my blog was created. I've incorporated the things that I love doing & here you have my blog. You know, I wouldn't sit down, write, schedule, take photos, & all that good stuff if I didn't enjoy it. I would upload a post three times a week if I did;t enjoy what I was doing. I love just being able to sit down & write until my heart is content. I love being able to take & use photos that really inspire me. I really just like being creative & I think that's why I love blogging so much. Next goal >> YouTube.

Like I said before, I love bening creative but I also have this drive, this motivation to make every post better than the last. I'm always taking on board tips & tricks from others & you guys. I've always been self driven in everything I do, I've always been a perfectionist within myself & I want to be proud of what I do & achieve.

B x

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