27 December 2015


A few small things that'll make us happy in a few seconds. We all have those things that give us a small quick buzz of happiness in a few seconds.

SALES >> we all love a good ole sale am I right ladies?

THOUGHTFULNESS >> i will alway appreciate when people go out of there way to do something for me, or pay me a compliment. We don't see enough people sharing positivity & being thoughtful in this world today. 

WAKING UP & FEELING REFRESHED >>  i think this is probably one of the best feelings yet one that most of us probably take for granted. 

HEARING OUR FAVOURITE SONGS >> i think hearing our favourite songs can really help set a happy positive mood. 

HAVING A GOOD LAUGH >> a good laugh with friends is honestly the best feeling ever, i don't know what it is about it but it's an amazing feeling.

BESTFRIENDS >> honestly i think whenever i'm around my friends i'm in the best mood, we are always laughing & we never fail to have a great time together.

B x

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