17 March 2016

Bathroom Inequality

If you are subscribed Ingrid Nilsen on YouTube or follow her on any of her social media then you may have seen a recent video of hers, 'What if YOU couldn't use the bathroom? #OwnYourVoice'. If you haven't seen I'll link it here for you but is one of the many videos I have felt like I have been able to really connect with & it's definitely a video that I think a lot of people need to watch.

Ingrid goes into a lot of detail about gender inequality specifically in regards to public bathrooms & bathrooms is general.

I wanted to share this with you all because equality is something that I think is really important & there is still an incredible amount of change that needs to happen in our world in regards to equality but small change is better than no change right? It's not all going to happen over night but the fact there is change happening at all, is a great start.

In Ingrid's video she says everything I wanted to say in a post & more. She's says it better than I ever could myself & I think that's why I feel it's important for me to share that with you.

Let me know you thoughts on inequality in our world & how you feel about the whole bathroom inequality situation.

'What if YOU couldn't use the bathroom? #OwnYourVoice' video >> http://bit.ly/1VaP4Ni
Gender Identity & Expression Article >> http://bit.ly/1VaPHGH
Gender Is Not Just Genitals & Chromosomes Article >> http://ti.me/21uhtgU

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