15 March 2016

Current Makeup Routine

I believe the last 'current makeup routine' that I shared with you guys was in late November 2015. I will link it here if you are interested in reading what I loved using everyday at the end of 2015. But with that being said lets jump into what I have been loving these past couple of months.

Product #1
Brows are something that I think really complete a look, whether you're going for a basic everyday, light, neutral look or whether you're going for a night out, clubbing with the girls, heavier makeup look, brow are essential people. I mean, I think they are anyway. The product that I have been using is the one trusty product I've been using for a long time now & I'm sure I've talked about on my blog before, it's the Natio Brow Kit. I adore this product an incredible amount, the colours match my brows perfectly & the formula is just so easy to work with. 

Product #2
Again to do with the brows but this time it's a brow gel. I don't know about you guys, but it's super frustrating when you spend way to long on your brows to then not have any brow gel on you. I don't know about your brows but my brows will never stay in their natural shape without an eyebrow gel. I have been loving my Maybelline Brow Drama. I have mine in transparent but I believe that they have a few different shades depending on what colour you aim to achieve with your brows. This has to probably be one of my favourite brow gels that I have tried in a long time & the thing I like most about it is that while it hold my brows in place, it doesn't turn them crispy & like I've could've just put cement through my brows.  

Product #3 
Mascara. Bonnie loves herself some thick, long lashes & to achieve that I like to layer mascaras. Of course, rather than layering fifty million layers of mascara on your lashes you could use falsies but I'd probably end up getting glue everywhere & sticking my eyes together so for now I'm keeping it safe with tones of mascara but never say never right? The three mascaras that I have been loving lately are the Maybelline Falsies, Maybelline Lash Sensational which I actually did a review on & I'll leave that  linked here & I've also been loving Jordana Best Lash Extreme. I sometimes will curl my lashes but with using all the mascara that I do, I usually find my lashes hold my slight natural curl pretty well. 

Product #4 
It is just a good ole basic lip balm. In New Zealand we are starting to come into the colder months meaning that my lips start dying out & sometimes end up cracking. I don't use anything in particular generally just whatever easiest to get my hands on or whatever is in my handbag on the day. 

You'll notice that I have mentioned any face products like foundation, concealer, powder, contour, blush, highlighter & all that jazz. This is because I haven't been wearing any of it. Over the past few months I've been really happy with how my skin has been looking & I'm a hundred percent taking advantage of that. Also, although we are coming into the colder months we still every now & then have extremely hot days, whether I'm going out or not, my makeup just literally runs down my face & to be perfectly honest, I just can't be arsed really. Every now & then I might wear a little bit of concealer but even then I still need to carry powder with my while I'm out. I found the past couple of months, I really have to be in the mood to do a high coverage, full face go makeup however I'm really looking forward to Winter & that fact that my makeup won't move south in all of ten seconds.

If you had to pick three makeup products to use for a month what would they be?

B x 

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