29 March 2016

Self Care: For Those Who Struggle To Switch Off

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Self care is something that I've talked about on my blog before, it's something that I'm really passionate about &I think it can be something we all tend to ignore or forget about sometimes. I believe that there is nothing more important than looking after yourself, your body & your mind.

I'm someone who naturally puts others before myself, I'm incredibly critical of myself, a perfectionist in everything I do but I've learnt that I can't help nor be there for others or passionately invest my absolute best into  the tasks & things I do if I don't look after myself first. It's taken me an incredibly long time to actually be able to take a step back & realise that if I don't look after myself then the people I love & the things I love doing are going to suffer.

Taking the time for personal self care still isn't something that I'm 'perfect' at by all means & I still occasionally feel guilty about taking time for myself. I tend to think of all the other things I could be doing that would be a hundred percent more productive & I have a feeling that some of you might occasionally feel the same way too & that's why I wanted to share I few things I like to do when taking time for myself & self care.

Don't get me wrong, I love the internet, the online world but sometimes it can be extremely suffocating. Simply turning off your devices for an at least an hour is going to help you switch off & focus on the present moment. If you're a little anxious about the fact that people won't be able to contact you, you can always just let them know that you're taking some time for yourself & that if you're needed, you'll get back to them as soon as possible.

You mostly definitely should not feel guilty for taking the time to look after yourself. When we see others looking after themselves, putting themselves first, we are generally to quick to judge & think that they're just being lazy, or not working as hard as the rest of us are. In reality, they're doing what is best for them & that's the most important thing. It's important to look after yourself because if you don't, then who is?

My excuse was that I never had time & the truth was I needed to make time. Allocate an hour or two every week, or as often as you need, to look after you & only you. If you have a routine in place that'll help you unwind then you are more likely to do it. We have to remember that we are all human & we all get stressed & run out of steam, & the truth is if we don't look after ourselves everything else begins to suffer too.

Just like you have a desk for work, a dinning room table to eat your dinner at, create yourself a space where you know you're able to just relax. It could be anywhere you wanted. For example, my bed is a laptop free zone. I know it can be tempting to work from your bed but it's just not ideal when your bed is naturally a place for you to relax.

There is no specific way or routine for self care. Everyone is going to find different things relaxing. For some it might be a hot bubble bath, for others it might be working out. There definitely isn't any right or wrong when it comes to self care. Just do what feels good.

No matter what the circumstances are, we all deserve to take a step back, unwind & take care of yourselves. Please don't feel guilty because we all know you deserve it!

B x

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