6 March 2016

Organise Your Life No.002

This is my second instalment of Organise Ya'll Life & today I want to talk about how I keep organised digitally. I'm an incredibly organised person which you may already know if you have been following me for awhile now.  Last month I my first instalment of Organise Ya'll Life went live, which you can find here, & I talked about the general overview on how I organise my life & keep in order. I also briefly mentioned that I prefer to organise digitally rather than using a paper planner. I didn't go into much detail then but I thought in this post I would go into detail about what apps I use daily to keep my life in order & make sure I'm completing & meeting the deadline I need too.

iCal //
iCal comes with all Apple products. Using iCal means that I can sync everything between my phone, laptop & desktop. I put literally everything in iCal, in there I have, appointments, school, birthdays & anniversaries, blog uploads, TV shows, when the rubbish gets collected & so on. I also set alarm notifications for everything in my calendar & depending what it is will depend of the alarm notification for it. For example, for appointments & blog uploads I would have a notification pop up an hour before hand but for birthdays & anniversaries I would have the notification pop up at 9 o'clock that morning. It really does just depend on what the specific event is. I like using iCal because I can easily remove or change things & I have several specific calendars inside my main calendar, such as, home, friends, family, birthdays, blog & heaps more, theses are colour coded & just help me keep more on top of everything. I also like the fact that you can share calendars between other people. You might want to have a combined calendar with your partner so that you guys know what your both doing or maybe your flat mates. I carry my phone with me all the time & that means I don't have to worry about carrying a planner with me. I think having everything in one place in very helpful.

Notes //
Notes is another app that comes with Apple products & my notes gets used very often, let me tell you. Notes is the place where I have all my brain dumps, if I have any blogpost ideas I'll write them in my notes, I have a list of movies I would like to watch & a list of books I would like to read, just that kind of shit really. But again, I find it helpful to have it all on my phone & I also have it syncing between my devices.

Reminders // 
Another app that comes with Apple products. The name is pretty self explanatory but this is the app that I keep all my to do lists in. Also I keep shopping lists, travel packing lists & just more lists really.

Those are the top three apps that get used daily without a doubt. There are obviously lots of other apps that you can download that would do that same thing but I just fancy using that apps that come with my phone.

Let me know if you have an great apps that I should download.


B x

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