24 March 2016

5 Tips On How To Say Inspired

Inspiration is a funny thing in the sense that one day we can be absolutely be full of inspiration, feeling like we are just on top of the world & then the following day we are essentially pulling ideas out our butts, just trying to make something work.

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When I hit an inspiration rut I tend to take myself through a few steps that will bring my mind back to a creative & inspirational state. Generally when I hit a rut in the sense of inspiration it is a sign that I need to take some time to myself & just organise my mind a little bit. Often when I have other stuff clouding my mind then that's when the inspiration starts to decrease. It's totally up to you how you would like to interpret theses tips because I they can mean something slightly different to everyone.

More often than not, I'll take some time to sit down either with my laptop or a notebook & I'll write absolutely everything, things that I love & that I'm passionate about. From there I can generally get a vague idea of any bits of inspiration. I might then do some research or whatnot to further that inspiration & my own personal knowledge.

Going back to the basics is something I think we can all benefit from once & awhile. I like to get out my camera & capture the things around me, even if I don't even up using the images, I think it's nice to be able go back to the basics & enjoy them simply for what they are. I have a passion for writing & occasionally just sit at my desk & write & write, until my heart is content. By going back to the basics, I mean simply appreciate those small things for what they are, I don't think we all do that enough.

I find new places & spaces always kick a spark of inspiration in me. I don't necessarily mean travelling to the other side of the world, even just exploring your own country & your local cities can be really inspiring too. I always love going into little interior boutiques & just getting some inspiration that way.

This applies to everything & anything. You know that home project you've always wanted to do or the recipe that you have been dying to try, why not give it ago? You'll be learning a new skill, something new & I mean you'll be having fun while you're at in right? You've got nothing to lose girl!

Last but most definitely not least, let that shit ago. If you're sitting down wrecking your brain for ideas it's just not going to work! Move onto something else & come back to that task at a later time or date. I always find doing some housework or just cleaning up a little bit great to take my mind off things & sometimes our best ideas come to us when we least expect it.

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