27 March 2016

10 Things That Go Through My Mind While Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

I find that makeup brush washing is something that you have to really be in the mood for & to be quite frank I can never be arsed. However there is just something about freshly washed brushes, they look amazing & feel amazing. I try to wash my brushes every two weeks then sometimes that turns into a month but never the less I do finally get around to cleaning them. Brush cleaning just takes forever & watery foundation & shadows splatter everywhere, it's just not my idea of fun! Here are some of the things that go through my mind when I get around to finally 'em.

1. Maybe I could just do them next week? I mean they don't look that bad do they?
2. No, Bonnie just do it now!
3. Put some YouTube on, it'll make the time go by quicker.
4. Maybe I should just buy a new beauty blender? I mean will it ever return to its original shade.
5. I really needed to do this sooner.
6. My hands look like prunes.
7. Maybe I shouldn't use makeup brushes.
8. What would I use instead, my hands? People do that right?
9. Oh, what the heck! I've only done like two foundation brushes & I've been standing here for what feels like a hour.
10. I really need to make this a regular occurrence, a weekly occurrence.

You feel me? Does anyone actually like cleaning their makeup brushes?


B x 

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