18 September 2016

5 Posts To Read This Weekend No.002

A face mask & the opportunity to read the content from my favourite bloggers is definitely one of the things I love to do when it comes to winding down after the hectic day. I've put together a list of the 5 posts that I either enjoyed most from this past month.

By Anna at theannaedit.com

"When it comes to packing, I use to be on it. I remember when I has pretty much packed up my whole room, ready to leave for University about a month before I was due to go. You know me, I like to be organised. These days though I hate having to retrieve already-packed items & so leave packing until either the morning of or the day before. I know, it completely goes against all my other Virgo-ism, but having to pack & re-pack my wet brush 17 times puts me right off. I also out it down to my 'Holiday Packing PDF' that give me a little tick-list to check off as I go & after months of tweaks I can pretty much guarantee that if I follow it, I have everything I need. Even Mark ask for a copy each time we travel & scratches his head at the long list of toiletries I include, facial spritzes, fake tan & bath oils?!" 

By Lily Pebbles at lilypebbles.co.uk

"I haven't done an updated skincare routine video in a while so until that happens, here's a little round up of the products that have been taking centre stage on my bathroom shelves. I've been trying to keep it simple & give each product time to work, I think it's important to allow time for your skin to get used to products." 

"I love shopping for beauty products, but one thing that makes the whole experience even better is a good gift with purchase. And boy, do we have a cute one today! With Autumn on our door step & a very busy month ahead of me, I couldn't be more thankful for Clinique's new gift with purchase. Beauty To Go contains a seven piece beauty gift - made up of the most adorable makeup bag & six other mini's - when you spent $45 or more."

By Alex at www.icovetthee.com

"Instagram has always been my favourite form of social media within the few I find myself checking every day. I love photography & beautiful images so it's no doubt I end up refreshing my feed endlessly. Of course when it comes to my own profile I'm incredibly picky about the photos I upload - as I am with so many other things in my life. It's taken me a long time to get the process down but I now have a set of steps that I follow each time I edit a photo that ensures they all fit together & satisfy my perfection driven little brain. Of course, my photos would be nothing without the app they're edited on & there are three in particular that I couldn't be without." 

By Rhiana at kaseyand.co

"Twas the night before weekend, & all through house. Only one girl was sleeping the one with a spouse. The other sat up, her face lit up by glare from her hot little phone, swiping with care. Left swipes & right swipes, laughter & dread in the hopes that she'd find a guy who . . ." 

B x 

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