20 September 2016

9 Things To Do Alone For A Change

I recently posted about how it was important to be able to enjoy your own company. I'll leave that post linked so you can check it out if you haven't already. Following on from that post I wanted to compile a list of things that you can do alone every once & awhile.

> Take A Drive 
Grab you’re camera & take yourself on a scenic route with no specific destination in sight. Roll down the windows & blast your favourite music, if you see something that sparks interest or inspiration, stop & take it all in. It could be a cute little diner or a field of flowers, really it could be absolutely anything. Go there, be there & take it all in. This is your time to appreciate all the freedom you’ve been given. 

> Hangout At A Coffee Shop & Drink Coffee
You know that one local cafe, that one near your home & the atmosphere is just so cosy & relaxing? Yeah, well you need to go there. Take a book, a magazine, your headphones & allow yourself to drink a cup of coffee, take in the warm, positive energies around you & enjoy your afternoon. 

> Relax In The Library 
Find an old classic favourite of yours, sit on the floor & open it at a random page & start reading & don’t stop. Make up what you don’t know in your mind, create the characters in your mind & imagine yourself as one. Feel their emotions & experience their experiences. Allow yourself to get lost in the world that only exists on the pages in front of you. 

> Wonder Through A Museum 
This could be an old favourite or one you’ve never visited before. Start with a fresh perspective & seek to learn something new. Allow yourself to become inspired & learn new things. Don’t feel like you have to see everything at once or spend a certain amount of time in each room. Allow the experience to come to you. Once you get to the point where you feel fulfilled & inspired you can head home & always go back the following week. Don’t force yourself to rush, take it all in & enjoy the experience. 

> Treat Yourself To A Fancy Dinner 
Get dressed up for a date with yourself. Feel like the confident young woman you are & order something you can’t ever pronounce. Learn the waiters name, say ‘thank you’ & mean it. Feel a sense in gratitude for the person who made it possible for you to eat that meal tonight, from the person who planted the carrot seeds which are now in your salad to the person who is delivering it to you in that exact chair. 

 > Take Yourself To A Concert 
Music is a powerful thing, Choose a band that you know will make you feel something. Close your eyes & let the music take you somewhere else. Make friends just for the night & dance as if nobody was watching. Leave feeling refreshed & fill of positivity.

> Take A Class In Something That Interests You 
It could be painting, pottery, cooking, really it could be anything you want it to be. Pick a class that is going to allow you to be creative & that is going to allow you to express creativity in a way you never thought possible. Let it in & out & don’t think twice. 

> See A Movie 
Treat yourself to a huge bucket of popcorn, arrive early & pick the best seats. Watch all the previews & look around every now & then. The cinema is full of strangers who are experiencing exactly what you are. Feel a sense of community, laugh & cry together but most importantly remember that although you may be by yourself, you are certainly not alone. 

> Take Part In Some Well Deserved Retail Therapy
Treat yourself to the lipstick you’ve been eyeing up for days or those gorgeous heels you saw in the window yesterday. Take you & only you, into your favourite shops & try everything you love on, even if you don’t buy it, have fun with the experience. 

B x

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