25 September 2016

Bonnie's Beauty Bundle No.001

Using a number of different products & trying new products is something that I throughly enjoy, as I'm sure most of you do too. Choosing my top five beauty products every month is often difficult but it's something I find very beneficial because it allows me to seperate the products I enjoy using on a daily basis from the ones that I enjoy but I don't find myself reaching for as often. 

I've taken my own twist to these posts & decided that it would be a great opportunity to talk about 5 current beauty favourites of mine. Whether they are new to the shelves or just new to my personal collection I hope that it's some what helpful & beneficial for you guys. The aim of these posts is that you guys can get a feel for what I've been loving the most & more specifically. 

If you're new here you may not know that for the majority of the time, I prefer to keep my makeup pretty simple yet flawless & sleek. Yet there are times where I like to be a bit more adventurous & get a bit more creative. Keeping only five products my makeup bag rarely happens but like I said above I think it's really beneficial to go through your makeup collection, makeup bag or even just new products to see if you can get it down to your ultimate top five. 

I try to find a variety of different products to try out, from foundations to mascaras to lipsticks so that I can create a look for you guys but it just depends on what my loving at that specific moment. 

I'll link my last 'If I Could Only Use Five Beauty Products NO.001' post so you can see what I was loving back then. Keep in mind I've changed the BP name from the original but they're very similar. 

Leaves your skin looking so natural yet covers all imperfections. It's a great foundation for oily skin & great for minimising pores. 

Leaves lashes looking long & thick while adding volume. It's the perfect mascara for those of you who love long, thick lashes.  

As well as using this palette for contouring & highlighting, I take the contouring shade through the crease for a natural yet defining eye look. 

A beautiful matte liquid lipstick that glides on gorgeously. I'm looking forward to trying this specific product in other shades. 

A gorgeous nude lipstick that is slightly sheer & looks amazing on top of a matte nude lip liner, especially if you don't like the super matte lip look. 

B x

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